General Availability

Upon the commencement of the General Availability, available names will be allocated via Accredited Registrars on a first-come, first-served basis subject to the Registry Policies, ICANN requirements and the law and regulations of Turkey.  All available domain names will be open to such registration.

No additional requirements apply to the applications submitted during General Availability, other than those set forth in Section 6.

A Registrar sponsoring an Applicant can submit an Application for Registration or may modify a Registration on behalf of the Domain Name Holder.

The first five (5) days of General Availability will consist of an Early Access Program (EAP) where domain registrations will be subject to additional fees. More details including the fee schedule can be found on the CoCCA Registrar Console.

General Rules

By submitting an application for a domain name, an Applicant represents and warrants that:

the Applicant has the authority to make an application; the application is made in good faith, for lawful purposes and does not infringe the rights of any third party; the information provided is current, complete, and accurate, and that the Applicant agrees to correct and update the information to ensure that it remains current, complete and accurate; any requests for further information or clarification from the Registry Operator or the Registrar will be responded promptly and accurately.

All Applicants must meet the following requirements, as well as the qualifications required by ICANN and TMCH as may be amended from time to time:

A complete application must be submitted in accordance with the Registry Policies, and applicable fee(s) must be paid through the Registrar to the Registry Operator within the specific timeframe described in the Launch Schedule, applications must be forwarded to the Registry Operator through an ICANN-accredited Registrar who has signed the Registry Operator- Registrar Agreement with the Registry Operator, additional information must be provided, if requested by the Registry Operator or the Registrar.

Without limitation, applications may be rejected at the Registry Operator’s sole discretion, under any of the following circumstances:

The Registry Operator is also entitled to delete, revoke, cancel, suspend or transfer a registration, under the circumstances described in the Registration Policy.

In order to meet ICANN requirements, the Registry Operator shall provide a “Claims Period” for the TLDs. The Claims Period shall be applicable for the Early Access Program and Landrush Periods and first 90 (ninety) days of the General Availability. If, within the Claims Period, an Applicant submits an application for a domain name that is an identical match to a trademark record in TMCH, the Registrar shall forward a claims notice to such an Applicant. In this event, the Applicant will be required to explicitly confirm the information contained within the Claims Notice in order to proceed with the registration.

Applicants acknowledge and agree to have sole and direct liability for damages suffered by any third party injured as a consequence of a registration request for and/or the registration of a name in the TLD(s) under this Policy. Applicants also acknowledge and agree to indemnify and hold the Registry, the Registry Operator and BERO and their affiliates, subsidiaries, contractors, subcontractors, officers, directors, representatives, employees, and stockholders harmless for any claims, causes of action, damages, or injuries resulting from their actions, omissions, or errors. Applicants may be required by the Registry Operator, at its sole discretion, to provide reasonable and sufficient surety of indemnification against any costs or fees incurred by the Registry Operator as a consequence of third party claims arising from the applicant’s registration request for and/or the registration of a name in the TLD(s) under this Policy.

The applicable fees for applications made during the Launch Period shall be as follows:

Early Access Program and Landrush Period Applicants must pay application fees that are non-refundable.  Registration fee will be taken if an application is successful. Domain name renewal fee will be required to be paid if the registrant desires to extend the registration period. Auction fee and final bid price will be applicable where an auction process is executed in relation to Landrush applications.

Applicants agree that there may be other applicable fees required by the Registrar, Auction Provider, TMCH or other related parties involved in the process.

All Applicants agree to participate in and abide by any determinations made as part of the General Dispute Resolution Policy and acknowledge that registrations for the Sunrise Period may be challenged through the Sunrise Dispute Resolution Policy.

The applicable fees for applications made during the Launch Period shall be as follows: